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nicollette_sheridan1.jpg Natural Beauty Kate Hudson isn’t the only celeb jumping on the cruelty-free, eco-friendly naturally luscious locks bandwagon. Since beauty remains a high priority in Tinseltown, A-list starlets like Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, Nicollette Sheridan, Christina Applegate, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst and Nelly Furtado have all latched onto WEN Cleansing Conditioners by Hollywood hairstylist Chaz Dean—and with good reason.

WEN, cleansing conditioners created with the perfect balance of herbs and natural ingredients, is designed to eliminate shampoo and it’s damaging effects on hair. As an added bonus, Dean saves one head at a time by eliminating harsh detergents from his conditioning concoctions to promote happy hair full of luster, health and environmentalism awareness.

Move over Herbal Essences, Chaz Dean’s eco-friendly products really do leave his clients in the throw of rapturous ecstasy—and one step closer to true beauty without the “poo.”

  • claire

    Natural (in itself an empty word these days), organic and cruelty-free products endorsed by celebrities are certainly a step forward in the greening of one of the most polluting industries of the world- Hollywood.

    However, beauty products can be organic and still produced with petro-chemicals that are harmful to the environment and the body alike. In the US, a product labelled organic can be less than 100% organic in its ingredients, and many beauty products today still contain your regular synthetic, chemical and petro-indgredients that in the end outdo all the “good stuff” the other eco-friendly ingredients do.

    To learn more about their effects and dangers, websites such as this are true life-saving reference points for many.

    Celebrities should be applauded for their move to go green, but what they do is definitely not enough. They have the money, power and exposure to truly do something to re-design the way Hollywood lives and operates…and yet, they are always portrayed as spending more money, consuming more things (yes, even if they’re green). Is it really necessary to spend millions of dollars on a single movie (or celeb paycheque), to take planes to get everywhere… or, yes, even wash your hair everyday at your trusted hairstylist’s salons? Moves like theirs give us the wrong impression that all we really need to do to save the environment is to change products- not our lifestyles.

    While your website provides us with “cheery” positive examples on ways to go green, for some it is their only source of information… and can therefore be misleading. Green is no doubt being marketed, branded and framed in ways that appear to be non-threatening, and while some humor is always much appreciated, maybe it is still too early to skip the necessary introspective and anti-self-denial processes that each and everyone of us should go through before we start taking the green issue “lightly”, as a matter of celeb gossip.

  • Susie

    I think it’s so cool that so many celebrities are cruelty free, Eco-friendly and help promote a great cause. It’s just a wonderful thing

  • rebecca

    I LOVE Skin Deep, the cosmetics database that Claire mentioned above. WEN wasn’t listed, however, so it’s tough to tell how it actually does rate.

    And as for your comment, Claire, on taking the green issue too lightly: We try to balance a bit of learning with a bit of fun here at Ecorazzi. There are a lot of different ways to get a message across, this is just one of them. Thanks for your comments!

  • Susie

    Claire, I agree that the standard of Organic can be better but it’s pointing towards a positive step and there is such thing as “Certified Organic” which is regulated by the USDA. There’s a lot of green blogs which chooses to take the serious route almost bordering on gloomy and dark to the point it turns a lot of people off.. I think there are different ways to send a message and making it fun and lighthearted is one way of doing it.

    Personally I would rather hear about celebrities doing good things for the world than their drug binge and blatant love affairs with each other. And although Global Warming is a serious issue, I think making it lighthearted is an attempt to reach out to those who are dubious about the whole thing or in general would not normally consider going green. It’s good to write to other green people but what purpose would that truly serve? You are already doing things for the environment. Who we need to target and address are the people who are not “green” yet.