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‘Razzi caught up with Fall Out Boy‘s vegan drummer Andy Hurley—now on the band’s Honda Civic 2007 Summer Tour—to investigate this globe-trotting musician’s knack for ethical eating on the road, his stance on the environment and advice for aspiring vegetarians and vegans alike.

E: What is the best part about veganism?
AH: I just like not having a dependency on other forms of life. I like having a compassionate way of life. I am into a lot of human rights stuff and whatever I think, it is important for me to follow through with my diet and the way I live.

E: How do your fellow band mates support your veganism?
AH: They support it. Everyone in Fall Out Boy has been vegan or vegetarian at one point. But, for their own reasons it didn’t work out. Patrick Stump just went vegetarian again, too.

E: What is your primary reason for being vegan?
AH: I think that in the confines of civilization being vegan is a really positive thing to do because it has less of an impact on the earth. But, ultimately, it’s not going to solve anything because it’s still dependent on the system of agriculture, which I think the problem is inherently.

E: What advice can you give to aspiring or newbie veg fans?
AH: Go vegan because you want to change something in yourself or in the world and then do more. Eating a certain way isn’t enough; we have to do something about the world we live in. Anyone who wants to be vegan or cares about the earth or the life on earth should read a book called Endgame, Volume 1: The Problem of Civilization

  • I. Ambrosia

    I applaud you! People like Andy walk the walk and talk the talk. Vegans are true environmentalists.

    Never listened to Fall Out Boy before, but I’ll have to check ‘em out now. ;-)

  • Samantha Pascoe

    zomg i so love your bang SOO much xD i really injoy listning to yor music well really its all i lisyen to LOL trolly.
    i just went to your previous concert in the trust stadium in west Auckland newzealand and ZOMG it was bloody fantastic ARRR i luved it lyk so hoping SOO much you all come bak and do another concert here in Auckland eny ay i muz stop writing
    lots of luv sam xx luv you all:]

  • feral flight

    I was wondering about the wal-mart shareholder’s shows and the beachhouse hurley ownes. what record label are you folks on again? how animal friendly is hot-topic and it’s suppliers? and one more thing- money corrupts, hurley, give it all away…..

  • Vida the Vegan

    This is the second story tonight I have read on my Google news where somebody assails a vegan, without cause. I cannot understand people having that much malevolence for somebody who is doing nothing wrong.

  • Wow

    To the above, that’s an ignorant comment to make. Yes they are in a band that blew up, but Andy has not changed his ideals or his desires to maintain this lifestyle after everything that’s happened. Money corrupts, Fall Out Boy has been huge for years now, don’t you think he could drop this train of thought and enjoy life in luxury and not have to worry about environmentalism and trying to make a difference?

    At least he’s making a difference by speaking his mind and publicly addressing these issues in interviews such as this…. This guy has a lot of persuasive power over kids by being in a band with a big following, it is a good thing it still matters to him to speak about these issues and hopefully get people to pick up a book or two and research into what can be done.

  • Jovana

    Veary hard,but cool for what andy hurley has done,many animals have homes to go to and some don’t have any homes to go to at all and thats really hard for some animals and there masters to?

    To me in my hometown there are somepeople that go to foster homes and or shelters to and its really had,alot hard?

  • JoeTrohmanLoveeer

    Hahah. AndrewJohnHurley<3 He’s a simply amazing person and he is super sweet. :] I love him to death. Probably the most talented drummer I know. He is amazing live :D Im so glad he’s vegan. He’s such a good role-model.<3

  • el

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    — BRIMKS.

  • xyz
  • amber

    i love fall out boy i never knew any of them were vegans!!!thats so cool!!! its cool how they all support andy and his veganism!!!lots of kids especially boys make fun of me!!!

  • Sasha Lopes

    Although, Derrick Jensen is not a vegan. In fact, he helped publish a book entitled “The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Keith which he says “…saved my life.”

  • Bumbum

    Please read his book before trying to criticize him. Andy likes his writing for a reason, and it’s much bigger than dietary choice. He’s a radical anti-civilization pro-earthist and even in this interview he says you need to do more than lifestyle changes.

    Read Endgame!

  • Sasha Lopes

    Bumbum, you misunderstood me. I enjoyed ENDGAME and recommend it highly. I am a former vegetarian too. The Vegetarian Myth should be read by anyone who eats food, IMO.

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