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George Clooney is never shy about praising his Italian retreat in Laglio on the shores of Lake Como. He bought the 15-bedroom Villa Olenadra in 2002 for a steal at $10 million. Unfortunately, town officials would love to steal his privacy and the idyllic nature of the community by implementing a $15 million development along the lake shore. Mr. Clooney, understandably is not pleased by this action — and has threatened to leave the community should the measure go through. From the article,

“The mayor’s current plans include a car park, lifts and a floating walkway, which would lead from the centre of town to a platform right in front of Mr Clooney’s villa. The small public beach next to his villa – which he tried without success to buy two years ago to ensure his privacy – would be paved over to form a piazza, under the plans. Mr Clooney took the unusual step of attending a meeting of the Laglio protest committee this week to add his voice to the chorus of neighbourhood objection.

‘It’s got to stop,’ said the actor-turned-civic protester. ‘I don’t want my presence here affecting the local population. The building work is only being done because I live here. And unless it stops I’m going to have to move.'”

Keep up the good fight, George. These expansion plans for a town of 900 people seem a little extreme and obviously, someone is attempting to cash in on the celebrity association. I love how the floating walkway conveniently ends at George’s home. What better excuse for the paparazzi to camp out and enjoy the view?

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  • Selba

    I agree that the town should remain small and preserve its charm. However, I hardly feel that the population expansion would solely be attributed to George Clooney’s presence. I do appreciate his participation, along with the community.