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Al Gore has chosen Live Earth New Jersey as his concert of choice on July 7th, 2007. The politician/movie/rock star made the announcement yesterday after weighing where his impact might most resonate with the audience. From the article,

“I’m going to be wherever I can do the most good and add the most value,” the former vice president told Billboard magazine in April, soon after the shows were announced.”

According to Kevin Wall, “Our worldwide control room is in London – I’ll be in London, but Mr. Gore will be in New Jersey. He’ll be off and on (the stage), very involved.”

While Live Earth at Giants Stadium has an incredible lineup, Gore is definitely passing up the “Holy F***!” band collective in London. But wait, could there be a wild and crazy announcement in the works? Could we expect..wait…it might go something like this, “Hello everyone, my name is Al Gore. You might know me from my Oscar-winning film. I would just like to announce, that as of right now,….I just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.”

Gore for President 2008? Don’t count on it. Using Live Earth as a microphone to announce such intentions would kill any chances he has from the onset. But damn, it sure would be hilarious to see current candidates’ expressions if it did happen. Hit the jump for more. 

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