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snipshot_e419j3nqgeff.jpg Hollywood starlet Emily Deschanel ranks as one of VegNews’ 25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians. In the vegetarian/vegan world, this is a hot and honorable title earning well deserved kudos. The rising star from the hit show “Bones” embraced veganism over 15 years ago after watching the vivid expose Diet for New America. While vegans sometimes get a bad wrap, Emily gently encourages her colleages to consider the cruelty-free lifestyle which resulted in a recent storyline about factory farming and slaughterhouses. The show earned the 2007 Genesis Award for the episode. Fashion designer Stella McCartney also made the list. According to VegNews, “McCartney has emerged as a design powerhouse, a fashion scion whose vocal anti-fur stance is well known in fashion circles. In addition gto avoiding animal-based materials, McCartney often includes pro-veg slogans on her gear, like a jacket created for Adidas with ‘suitable for sporty vegetarians’ on the sleeve.”

Other celebs hitting the top 25 include author Jonathan Safran Foer, Wholefoods CEO John Mackey, music producer Russell Simmons, and actor Forest Whitaker.

These celebrities are exemplifying an important voice to the vegan/vegetarian world by shifting previous stereotypes and embracing a movement rooted by compassion at its core. Check out the July/August issue of VegNews on newstands now!

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    Hmm….I think I had something to do with this…

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    This is awesome. It’s getting bigger and bigger all the time (eco, vegan, animal welfare). So exciting to be a part of this. Cheers!