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While we continue to report on the all the great strides being made in the fashion world with regards to sustainability and eco and animal-friendly designs; industry fashion shows are still a sad reminder that we’ve got a long way to go. According to the fashion site, Style Guru, the 2007 Paris Fashion Show featured skins and furs from several big names — and they were all huge hits. From the site,

“For instance, at the Paris Fashion Week, 2007, Christian Dior let models walk in a striking collection that was made up of python and ostrich skin. The collection also featured dresses with fox sleeves. Calvin Klein’s collection featured jackets that had alligator’s skins and Celine walked the ramp in a white python skirt. Jimmy Choo’s snakeskin sandals and Ferragamo’s alligator footwear were also showcased and sadly, all of these have been a huge hit. Big names like Nike and legendary designers like Roberto Cavalli also seem not to be bothered about the disgracing trend.”

Designer Roberto Cavalli further confirmed the trendiness with this blasé comment,

“Exotic skins are hot right now, there’s a real buzz. I love to use reptile skins because it excites me to take a material that is seen as ‘wild’ and mix it with a look that shouts glamour and sophistication. Exotic skin – alligator, crocodile and snake – also gives the impression of being superluxurious and expensive, a look women are into at the moment. For men it’s cars. For women it’s bags, shoes and belts now. A rich woman wants her bag to do the talking. It’s the most sophisticated way to say you have money. Exotic skin is the ultimate. Everyone knows it is expensive.”

Oh, we’ve such a long road to walk….

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  • seriously

    how many times can he express “wear exotic skin, people will think you’re rich” in one sentence? maybe he needs to realize it’s more like “wear exotic skin, poeple will think you’re disgusting & mindless?”

  • seriously i agree

    yeah totally. exotic skin = fabulously trashy