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veev.jpgWe’re on a green drinks kick lately and thought we would continue with a new alcoholic spirit released this past May called VeeV. Before we get into the who’s who enjoying the beverage, let’s take a look first at what makes this spirit a green alternative.

First off, for each bottle sold, VeeV donates $1 to help protect and replenish the Amazonian Rainforest through its charitable partners Rainforest Action Network and Sambazon’s Sustainable Açaí Project. While helping to ensure the sustainability of Açaí farming, this effort also helps to offset the carbon output of VeeV’s business activities and maximize its social responsibility in combating global warming. Second, the company regularly conducts “green audits” of its operations to ensure the highest environmental business and productions standards are being followed. Some examples provided to us included equipping their entire sales force with Toyota Priuses, soy ink and sustainable packaging for the product, and recycled materials in the office whenever available. This is the type of green we’d love to see more of from the liquor industry.

So who’s been enjoying VeeV? Jessica Simpson sipped VeeV at the Celadon restaurant opening in L.A. earlier this month, and she loved it so much she had her bodyguard take a case with them when they left the party! Drew Barrymore served VeeV at her business partner’s birthday party in May, and Brett Ratner served VeeV at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton held at his Hollywood home. Other celebs who’ve been spotted swilling VeeV include Emilie de Raven (sipped a VeeV Spa Cooler with cucumber at the Bar Marmont), Lance Bass, AJ DiScala and Stuart Townsend.

As mentioned previously, it’s commendable that VeeV receives 100% of its Acai from the Sambazon Sustainable Açaí Project. Grouped with other environmental intiatives — and the fact that Acai is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet — and you’ve got yourself one hell of a cocktail. This is something we can definitely raise a glass to.

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  • Dan


    A socially responsible liquor company?? And I thought this was a oxymoron :)

    Seriously, great to see any company that uses Sambazon Acai. The Sambazon story is amazing and just goes to show that being socially and environmental responsible can also be profitable. We make an Acai supplement and exclusively use 100% Sambazon Freeze Dried Acai. In addition to being 100% Organic, they are the only Fair Trade Certified Acai exporter.

    We do have a ton of articles on Acai and Sambazon in our Acai Special Report. Not sure, if I am allowed to post the link here. Well, if links are not allowed please just delete…

    Of particular interest to anyone wanting to learn more about Sambazon…

    Of course we are a little biased, but let’s get behind these companies that are making a real difference in the world.


  • Andy jack

    The berry increases our energy and durability because of the beneficial ingredients it contains. Acai berry improves stamina and increases energy along with improving the absorption of Iron, Manganese, potassium & chromium due to the abundant availability of Vitamin B in it.