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Beppe Grillo, Italian Actor Turned Activist, Takes on EU Parliament

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The name Beppe Grillo has, over the years, become synonymous with activism in Italy. He is a renowned actor and comedian who came to prominence during the early 1980s with his participation in a variety of tv shows and theater productions. As of late however, his name is becoming more and more associated with the field of “investigative reporting,” where Grillo himself is deeply committed to unraveling the mysterious forces behind emerging social and environmental problems in Italy.

Check out his blog, BeppeGrillo.it, which he runs both in English and Italian. This blog is indeed a given rarity within the context of Italian web-culture. This is one of the few cases where political leadership is met with a genuine concern for the environment and for the people. It is not dictated by corporate sponsorships and neither can this be interpreted as the efforts of a public figure who lends his face to promote a cause “all-in-a-day’s” work or under the tutelage of some large multinational.

His latest appearance was at the Parliament of the European Union in Brussels, where Grillo took part in a conference entitled, “Is Europe Sustainable?”. In his proverbial manner, Grillo was able to shock and awe everyone of those present at this meeting, including journalists, by asking for a honest reappraisal of the EU’s strategies in combating climate change and global warming. Grillo partook in this examination by seeking answers as to what is being done in Brussels, what is taking place behind these unwelcoming doors of power. This plight for understanding was complemented by a reflection on the Italian situation, something he describes as utterly tragic, and close to explosion.

Highlights of this informative session can be found at EcoBlog.it.

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