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Food is such a big part of our lives and a huge piece of the environment puzzle – yet we should probably spend a little more time thinking about it than we already do. I’ve recently read two books that are trying to help us rethink how we eat – and give us some tips on how to do a better job of it.

I Am GratefulFirst up, I Am Grateful – a raw foods cookbook from the Bay area’s Cafe Gratitude. Raw foods junkie Woody Harrelson & wife Laura Louie love the cafe saying, “Whenever we are in San Francisco, Cafe Gratitude is always our first stop. We eat all our meals there and always leave feeling fulfilled and appreciative that such a place exists.” We hear Minnie Driver is also a big fan. Other raw foodies like Alicia Silverstone and new fan Howard Stern, will surely love the cafe, as well as the cookbook, to spice up their at home menus.

Inside the book you’ll find recipes like the I Am Fabulous Green Papaya Salad and the I Am Complete Coconut Ceviche – both of which I hear are delish. I don’t think I’ve ever personally eaten a raw food meal before. Reading the recipes is a bit different than what I’m used to: a lot of dehydrating going on! Check it out: I Am Grateful

PlentyThen I read Plenty, the new book from the Vancouver couple who decided to eat local for a year. Through their small (though not easy) personal crusade, they inspired an entire movement of the 100 Mile Diet. This is something that struck a chord within me from the very beginning.

The book is nothing short of incredible, in my opinion. One chapter per month, with JB & Alisa taking turns in writing (all writers should do crazy experiments – what great story tellers!) and bringing us through their adventure. Don’t think you’ll get away without a couple of recipes from this book. The first one lets us know that a nice hot beverage can be made with no problem (and no transportation) at all.

Herb Tea: 1 leaf sage; 1 leaf mint; hot water. Steep for 6 minutes. It’s that easy!

Now, when are celebrities going to go on talk shows and talk about how they eat local? I know Woody grows his own food in Hawaii…but I feel like we hear more about celebrities in New York private jetting Indian food from Wales. I love Indian food as much as the next person, but come on! We need more celebrity leadership here! So take a read & a local food journey: Plenty.

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