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earthlive.gifWhile a large portion of the Live Earth short films were screened last weekend at the LA Film Festival, we’re also starting to see a couple hit online. Officially, this coming July 7th, the 60 or more videos will be shown on television networks and at the concerts themselves to compliment the entertainment on stage. Famous directors and celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell, Jessica Biel, Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, and Emily Hunt are all contributing to the films. According to StarPulse,

“In the short black-and-white spots, Cruz makes sure her air conditioning is never on for too long, British actress Emily Blunt heats only enough hot water for her cup of tea, while Ben Affleck promotes downloading music as a way to reduce costs associated with manufacturing and shipping CDs.”

Celebs aside, there are two great films online right now that you should check out . The first is called Dave and is directed by Mac Carter. The short “follows Dave and his dogs as they tour Los Angeles Asian food restaurants in search of waste vegetable oil to turn into biodiesel.” I’ve never had a film make me want a Pug more than this one.

Up next is a short called Sad Fish, directed by Malcolm Venville. The film “shockingly honest account from children about their fear and trepidation concerning the ever-present threat of global warming.” Call me crazy, but it looks like the kids have the SOS logo in the center of their eyeballs. Anyone else think this is slightly creepy? 

As July 7th rolls around next weekend, we can expect more shorts to hit online. We’ll try and direct them your way as they come. Till then, remember that there’s still time to enter our Live Earth contest and grab some free tickets of your own. Rock on!

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    Keith Dunkerley is the cinematographer who shot SOS for Malcom Venville. It was his idea to create the effect of the light in the center of their eyeballs.
    Funny enough he also was the gaffer for two of the black and white spots starring Penelope Cruz and Tobey Maguire shot by Janusz Kaminski.

    Check out more of his work at