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leo.jpgLeonardo DiCaprio is turning up the heat on a new icy MySpace design to launch the campaign and trailer for his latest documentary, The 11th Hour. We even get a little meet and greet before the trailer with Leo urging people to support the film and “sign up” to be his friend on the site. Seriously, this guy needs all the friends he can get. Give him a hand.

Regarding the trailer, the first obvious difference between this film and An Inconvenient Truth is the tone. DiCaprio and company are definitely not holding back. Within the first few seconds the Bush Administration gets slammed for not doing its part. In an audio interview I posted earlier, Leo praised the angle of not having the film backed by studio money to avoid having to bow to special interests or outside control. The doors are wide open on this one and it’s a refreshing no BS trailer. Additionally, amidst the doom and gloom are images and tones of hope. We still have time to save the planet, but it’s going to take all of us to make it happen.

Hop on over and take a look — just try not to melt in Leo’s piercing blue eyes.

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