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goremsn.jpgI had the opportunity to be an audience member for MSN’s Live Earth’s Webcast with Al Gore yesterday and just wanted to share a few observations. First off, it was me and about seven other people from various websites and organizations in the audience. It was a pleasure meeting Carolyn from, Zack from MSN’s Live Earth Blog site, and the organizers of Live Earth and The Alliance For Climate Change Protection. Host of The Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN, Simran Sethi did a marvelous job hosting the conversation between Gore and the questions submitted from MSN online users.

Finally, it was a pleasure to meet Al Gore himself and witness an expert speaker in action. This guy is an extremely eloquent presenter. It’s one thing to see him work it in the movies, it’s entirely another to sit a few feet away and see him answer questions on the fly with no preparation. If there’s one thing he comes armed with, it’s parables. The guy rattled off enough quotes and analogies to make even the most complicated climate change topic come across in black and white.

While we were not allowed to ask questions during the actual interview, Gore did pay us the pleasure of a meet and greet once the episode wrapped. I asked him if he was having fun and he answered that it’s never been better. If the papers outside on the streets of NYC declaring “Gore’s Son Caught In High-Brid” were fazing him, he certainly did not show it. He was extremely curteous (like any seasoned politician) and I was happy to have shaken hands with a guy I think is tipping the scales of awareness on this issue.

Have a look at the webcast here — if you’re quick, you may even catch the back of my head in the audience. A thrill indeed.

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