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Somewhere, Republican Senator James Inhofe is drinking. Heavily. As one of the largest opponents against the concept of Global Warming — and the Live Earth concert series — Inhofe was one of the primary protesters against having the concerts anywhere near D.C. He claimed that the issue of climate change is a “political” one and should not be allowed to occur on the Capitol Mall. His rising blood pressure and angry smirks eventually forced the concert to move to New Jersey. After today’s announcement, however, it’s apparently Al Gore who will have the last laugh.

At the last minute, organizers have announced a satellite show at the National Museum of the American Indian tomorrow morning, just hours before the main event in New Jersey. “There were some naysayers who tried to say, ‘No, you cannot have a concert on the Mall,’ ” Gore said on CBS. “But the cavalry didn’t ride to the rescue, the American Indians did.” Further adding to the energy of this D.C. event, country-legend Garth Brooks will be performing with his wife, Trisha Yearwood. Brooks, who has been retired for several years now, agreed to the performance only after a personal invitation from Gore. The duo will most likely perform one song, “We Shall Be Free” — but I’d expect a few surprises. Also slated to hit the stage is the group Blues Nation. Oh yea, and the entire thing is free. Sweet.

Head on over D.C. — this new leg of the series kicks off at 10AM EST. I wonder if Inhofe will be able to hear the music from his bubble…

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