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The world has gone green-crazy! Well, at least for Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” tote. We saw the crowds in London and now have reports that riots almost broke out last night in a Hong Kong shopping center. Apparently, the police had to be called in after hundreds of people waiting in line overnight almost broke down doors. Shopkeepers were worried that mass chaos would ensue if they obliged the massive gathering and refused to open for business. From the article,

“By late morning Hong Kong police were asking people to disperse, but many refused to leave, shouting, ‘open the store.’ Department store Harvey Nicholls distributed flyers telling shoppers their supplies of the bag had already sold out to people who had pre-ordered it. Anya Hindmarch’s Hong Kong store also failed to open today morning, causing fury among the crowds of shoppers gathered outside.”

Wow, chalk this thing up there with Beanie Babies and Pokeman. I think it’s fairly safe to say that demand is stemming from popularity and less from what the bag stands for. Still, if this gets more people to use less plastic bags, I guess that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, we have yet to see Anya change how the bag is made (organic cotton, etc.) in response to its immense popularity. Originally, the designer did not consider organic options because she never intended it to make a splash or have immense popularity. She simply wanted to give people a simple option to plastic bags. Commendable. However, plenty of time has passed between now and then that we’re left wondering why they have not worked on “greening” their new releases. Is it that difficult to source green options for something so immensely popular? See what you started Keira? Check out the video below for a sample of the madness in Hong Kong.

Thanks, Linton!

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  • dami719

    Hi, just want to rectify the one who submitted the above video, the location is at Anya Hindmarch outlet at Suria KLCC MALAYSIA. Not in Hong Kong.

    I am a Malaysian who worked nearby that area. I passed by the outlet yesterday, and it was really crazy. People queued up at earning morning 4.00 a.m. and they shouted when they found out there were only 200 bags available. It is learnt that Malaysia outlet brought in 2,000 bags, but 1,800 bags were reserved and this has caused angry and unhappiness among the shoppers.

    I intended to buy one too. However, I found that Anya Hindmarch’s tactics in launching this bag is totally against its aim in protecting environment and ended up in crazy. Shoppers were fighting over this bag and some of them re-sell it on the e-bay at much higher price.

  • dami719

    I think we should call everybody to boycott Anya Hinmarch’s porducts!

    What a stupid eco-friendly project?

    It is just a branded bag marketing strategy by MISUSING of the word “ENVIROMENTAL”.

    Previously I like Anya’s bag designs very much, but from now on, this brand will totally deleted forever from my purchase list.

  • Crazyconsumer

    Fyi, that video is not from Hong Kong ie. that’s Malaysia in KLCC.

  • jillian

    I was there too. but not in line. weekend mail carried the story today, apparently the first one in line left Ipoh (abt 200km away) at 8pm the night before to line up!

  • Ken

    All over a bag???? Gees just keep on reusing your old bags that are more than 2 or 3 years old – maybe not fashionable but when did that matter to the environment….

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