by christine
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swag2.gifAccording to former MTV VJs, Dave Holmes and Karen Duffy, now reporting for BravoTV, the Live Earth zone is swag-free backstage.

The reported evidence shows that celebrities who have a heart can forgo trinkets and overconsumption without loosing their star-studded status.

It’s about time we moved on to saving the environment one expensive gadget at a time.

  • Danielle Lanyard

    Actually not true!! All VIP’s backstage were given custom messenger bags.
    Yes, this hardly amounts to the gluttonous shtuff normally thrown at celebs at such events, but we must wonder…what brand were these bags, what were they made of and how? Check out “Stuff” by John C. Ryan for more on why these inquiries are essential to the greater picture…

    Most importantly, we must see the forest for the trees, but not ignore the trees as we aim to place focus on the forest. Live Earth rocked, and any criticism that can and should be made will hopefully be in the vein of constructive anaylsis for an even better go-around the next time.


  • jillian

    This is terrific news!