by christine
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macy_gray.jpgNo one said environmentalists needed to be spelling savvy. But, after today, every eco-friendly activists will come in first place in a spelling bee.

Copy-editors, fact-checkers and sticklers for spelling and history teachers nationwide may have their panties in a bundle after today’s Live Earth concert in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil: Macy Gray’s bassist donned a t-shirt with “Dick Chaney” crossed out with an “X” mark. Note: It’s “Cheney” for all the Americans who didn’t know otherwise.

In spirit of the environment, all members of Gray’s band who played in Brazil each wore a t-shirt with various phrases, like “Global Warming,” crossed out.

Props for the Macy Gray and her crew for making a profound political statement about the need for social and environmental change. But, investing in a dictionary–and a history book–would be another step in the right direction.

  • Louise

    —and some basic science textbooks by climatologists rather than fruit-fly geneticists.

  • midge

    Hey, might want to be careful–it was necessary to explain the smug dis. Misspelling Darth Vader’s alias is not a reason for her to worry about “loosing rock star status.” Give her a break, it’s not as if she’s up there trying to be a writer.

  • jacob

    love that her band’s tees were random too. the bassist might have sported dick cheney, but there was another with george bush crossed out. not to get all political, but how is that different than the dixie chicks saying they regret that W was from texas. macy is in rio–they were in europe and i’m guessing macy had a MUCH bigger viewing audience since this was a global concert.

    either way–macy rocks!