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snipshotdave1.jpg At a press conference for Live Earth last Saturday, Dave Matthews revealed his newfound way to help go green – he’s using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones for his newborn son, August Oliver. People Magazine reports Matthews as saying, “We use cloth diapers for our new baby because I think diapers might be the No. 3 piece of garbage [in terms of environmental damage].”

Matthews attributes the availability of a diaper service as a big help. For those who are not so lucky, gdiapers may be the way to go. I’ve heard from a few mom friends that gdiapers are easy to use, affordable, and come in awesome colors and patterns. A completely biodegradable insert goes inside breathable ‘little g pants’. When it’s time to change the insert, just flush and repeat. The diapers are plastic free and the inserts can even be composted! Bonus!

  • Jeffrey

    whoa, the green blogosphere has been blown up with the cloth vs. disposable diaper discussion. i posted about it today at my place, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

  • Dave

    Cloth diapers are much better for the environment and, after the first few months (during which you can go through as many as 50-70 diapers a week), washing them on your own is really not that big of a deal. And there’s no safety pins anymore — there’s really cool hi-tech waterproof-yet-breathable covers with velcro and stuff.

  • Jason Graham-Nye

    Hi there

    My name is Jason Graham-Nye and I am one of the founders of gDiapers.
    Jeffrey, you are right. The debate rages! We started out as cloth diaper users and then found this flushable option back in Australia. We already had cloth inserts so used them in gDiaper pants. And then we started using the flushable inserts and we found we didn’t have to wash so much. Baby steps!

    With diapers though, it is whatever floats your boat!



    dad/ CEO

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