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snipshot_e410i4uhurs3.jpgAttention guys: If you plan on making a play for a date with actress Rosario Dawson, make sure your recycle bin and hybrid vehicle are in plain site. The Sin City star has made it clear that she’s only interested in dating fellas who share her green passions. From the article,

“The Hollywood actress is so used to reducing her carbon footprint that she would only go out with a man who appreciates the dangers of climate change. She says, ‘(I’m) that person who turns off the light every time I walk out of a room… I’d probably have a really huge problem with that (dating someone who isn’t green).’”

Consider yourself warned. Also consider this news item a short break from the deluge of Live Earth coverage we’ve been saturating your eyeballs with the past several days. Does this post count as a worthy distraction? Hell no. There’s about as much news behind this story as Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson dining at an organic restaurant. But we love that you love us even when we’re reporting on the most mundane green entertainment stories. Hugs all around.

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  • RemyC

    Funny, she sure wasn’t thinking about the cows in the fields when racing bare barrel bone down the road in Tarantino’s latest film… That’s the trouble, it’s hard to make “green” look kool and tuff! It still got that hippie wimpy twang… How to change that? That would be something, the introduction of meme that would suddenly make planet comes first the boffo thing to be… so it doesn’t come off like Saturday morning TV… We need a green Terminator… hey… we got him already, he’s Governor of California… Now if he’s only legalize hemp, he’d be crowned King!

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