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img10342158526.jpegBasking in the green glow of Live Earth success, celebrity support is helping to launch perhaps one of the largest consumer awareness campaigns in history.  And while many celebrities have been avid supporters of the campaign to end global warming, we can be sure that a whole new slew of celebrities in the form of major brands will be taking this awareness to an entirely new level and making bold plans, including solar initiatives.  Celebrity shopping destinations including Tiffany & Co.,  have adopted impressive solar efforts.  According to a recent article:

Tiffany & Co., with its trademark blue box and pricey diamonds, is already reaping the benefits of solar and energy efficiency with the dedication of one of the East Coast’s largest commercial solar projects earlier this year. Tiffany’s has deployed 1.3 megawatts of solar energy at the company’s retail distribution centers in Whippany (680 kilowatts) and Parsippany (656 kilowatts), New Jersey.

The most recent retail-outfitter to become part of this trend is Macy’s, which announced earlier this month it will install solar power systems on 26 stores throughout California.  According to Sunpower Corp, a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems:

Macy’s will be making energy efficiency upgrades at the 26 stores, including high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems and energy management systems. Combining solar power with efficiency will allow Macy’s to achieve an estimated 40% reduction in utility-provided energy, almost doubling the impact of the solar power alone. “By combining energy efficiency with solar power, Macy’s is taking the extra step to cut our peak load demand,” said Macy’s, Inc. Vice-Chair Tom Cole.

Solar adoption is nothing new for many of our favortie celebrities.  Edward Norton runs a campaign in Los Angeles, encouraging his fellow celebrities to install solar panels on their homes and to make donations for systems in low-income housing. Al Gore of course made big news when he received his solar upgrade. In addition, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alicia Silverstone, and Carlos Santana have all been reported as installing solar systems.

No doubt skeptics will be quick to accuse these companies of greenwashing. But whether driven by PR or genuine concerns for the environment,  these are bold tangible initiatives are resulting in less impact and we can’t wait to see the “solar” sparkle of those Tiffany diamonds!

  • Iris

    BOY this is an irony! So Tiffany is being environmentally friendly by using solar energy and selling diamonds?? I wonder if they are conflict diamonds? Also their blue boxes and bags are those recyclable??…hmmmm.

  • toddy

    Now if Tiffany & Co. could only get that diamond blood off their hands.