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Our green celebrity fashion shot comes courtesy of Hayden Panettiere, star of NBC’s hit show, Heroes. Panettiere was spotted wearing a Suzanne Juul Scoop Neck Ribbed Sweater Dress made from 95% all-organic bamboo and 5% Lurex. Fans of the Juul line also include Britney Murphy, Madonna, Mike Meyers, and Julia Roberts. For more information, please check out the official site here.


via Keetsa!

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  • Mr. Know-it-All

    Stunningly beautiful and a great actress.

    Speaking of beautiful and great actress, when is Ecorazzi going to follow-up on Q’orianka Kilcher and her Honda FCX (hydrogen fuel cell vehicle)?

  • Jep

    SUPERGREEN washed —

    if you want this product for 1/2 the cost – Walmart (dot com), also a few of the products can be found at HeartlandAmerica. (all of my price quotes are based on a queen size) also “whypaymoreshoppe” seller on eBay has excellent prices (I am not affiliated)

    Keetsa’s 10″ Cloud = $1044.00
    Walmart’s 10″” Aerus Natural Memory Foam Mattress =$529.88
    Heartland’s Theratouch Memory Mattress =$424.94
    “whypaymoreshoppe” Classic 10″ = $459.99 (free shipping)

    Keetsa’s contour pillow $69.99
    Walmart’s Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Contour Pillow $27.88

    Keetsa’s metal bedframe: $229.99
    Bedzine (same owner as Keetsa) metal bedframe $174.99
    Heartland’s Smartbase frame: $109.98 (incl. shipping)
    Walmart’s Smartbase frame: $99.99


    Keetsa’s products are made a manufacture in China, Zinus (yes they have an office in Pleasanton). Zinus holds the patent on “Mattress-in-a-box”.

    Keetsa is not a mattress company – they are a marketing company.

    Many vendors carry the ‘non green tea’ mattress-in-a-box if you don’t want to pay $$$$ for literal green washing. (search “mattress-in-a-box)

    If you use a mattress, pad and sheets — and wash them, you don’t need the green tea to ‘freshen’ your mattress.

    If Keetsa were truly concerned about the environment and their customers health they would post the chemical material declaration sheet of the mattress, as well as the VOC testing results.

    Keetsa does not give you your $$ back if you are unhappy – just a store credit MINUS 15% and $100 mattress disposal charge????

    Keetsa’s owner also sells non green tea mattress (and the metal frame) for much less than at Keetsa on a site call

    Why did I do all of this research? I hate being lied to — and I think it is gross that companies like Keetsa are taking advantage of consumers trying to make a more healthy choice.

    For budget natural latex (read truly non-toxic) check out:
    Organicgrace ($975, and they are in Garberville)
    Livefortomorrow ($899, certified organic/natural)