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While Ecorazzi’s Michael d’Estries, Thomas Farley, and Christine Pettrozo were typing, interviewing, and video’ing at the speed of light on Saturday, yours truly was in the stands of Live Earth enjoying the show as a fan.

Rebecca & Edmundo @ Live Earth NY

As recommended by the Live Earth organizers, my husband Edmundo & I took the NJ Transit to Secaucus Station where there would be shuttle buses awaiting to take us to the stadium. After arriving, we were all discouraged to see at least 1,000 people already in line for the buses. The line was quite organized, however, and it took us only about 30 minutes to get through.

Outside the stadium, TRASHed had seemingly teamed up with Pepsi to encourage fans to recycle their bottles in exchange for a bracelet. (Want one? Email us with your mailing address…we’ve got a few.) The Pepsi “Sculpture Garden” was also cool – though I’m a fan of trash art – 10′ x 10′ figures made from cans & bottles. Though the coolest thing that Pepsi did all day was provide a person to stand next to EACH and EVERY trash / recycling / compost area to instruct people on how to properly dispose of their waste. Huge success.

Photo credit: Johnia! FlickrGreen clothing was the color of choice for Live Earth concert goers. Fans donned anything from a “More Trees Less Bush shirt to “Green Shirts Are For Pimps”. In fact, it seems that green was the popular color of choice. This is where we get into troubled waters. Green has become the marketing color & term of choice for eco-friendly. However, most green clothing items themselves are not all that good for the environment using traditional dyes & cotton grown with pesticides. We should consider using an organic, hemp or bamboo shirt instead Photo credit: BillyJoNJ’s Flickrof simply the color green. (Though I can’t say that I went eco-either. My tank was just a tank, though I nearly wore my “Plastic Bags Blow” organic top.)

Of course, if you want to be eco and wear green – just don’t buy new clothes…dig into the back of your closet (I did see several St. Patty’s day shirts that look like they’ve seen many winters now.) or buy second-hand.

We entered the stadium and went right to our seats – just in time for Kevin Bacon to kick it off.

Stay tuned for my next post that will cover my “during concert” thoughts and experiences!

Photo credit Johnia!

Photo credit BillyJoNJ

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  • Susie

    Awwww. you guys look so happy together! nice to see the view from the other side. I was seeing so many photographs of the musicians.. well it makes sense since they are the main attraction but still it’s nice to see it from your point of view.

  • chris

    wish I could have been there!!!

  • christal

    rebecca: FYI pepsi didn’t provide those people at each and every trash can/compost/recycle area- they just gave us (the green team volunteers) the shirts!! we were contacted via email and asked to volunteer. (if you are a subscriber to, they sent out an email)
    just wanted to clarify! sorry I didn’t see you or your husband as I guarded my post! :)
    christal (your eco concierge)