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mayerWhat did he win? My respect. Of all the people that walked up to the podium during Live Earth to address the press, John Mayer had the most laid-back, honest discussion. He was intelligent in his responses, though-provoking in his questions to the crowd, and incredibly honest towards the Live Earth event and the issues of going green. Here’s a great snippet:

“First of all, this is a very young movement. We’re very early into the day, and I also think it’s very difficult to gauge the success of awareness. With Live 8, they all had very hard-copy information – you could find out at 9:00 how much money was made. You can’t find out by 9:00 this evening how much awareness was raised. I think awareness works kind of like a vitamin. You take a vitamin, you go to the bathroom, and 99% of it is gone. But you hope that 1% does something for you. What you’re really talking about is that placement of an idea inside a rock show. Of course, rock is going to win out. You think people would rather hear somebody read off a list of a hundred simple things you could do to change your house or play a rock song? It’s going to be a rock song. But you hope that 2% of that message can make its way in — and I think everyone would still be here if they were told only 2% was going to make its way in. I think you’d still have the same involvement.”

For videos of this great Q&A, click here for Ecorazzi’s bit, here for the full discussion, and here for E!’s little snippet from the beginning.

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  • Susie

    As always, honesty and sincereness is the best way to get the message across. I suppose even if one person changed their views on sustainable living and Eco-friendly life, then the concert would have been worth it. Personally I am liking the idea of big OM heard around the world. All the musicians holding hands and chanting.. now that would have been something. :)

  • Preston

    I agree with you Michael. It’s good to hear some sanity and common sense. We’ve got to be pragmatic and incremental. Plus, he’s an amazing musician.

  • officedoodler

    Interesting comments. I think what he has to say is definitely the most honest of the bunch.

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  • aronil

    He wins my vote as well. i started liking his music a lot more in the second album. But after hearing that statement, I respect his opinions and him as an artists. What he says,i think rings true, it’s hard to ‘nag’ people into doign whats right. So tell them in the best way you know how. In the language of rocking on-and -btw-support-green.