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This post comes to us from our latest contributor, Erin Burt. Erin is hip to green fashion and will be sharing some of her stylish observations with us in coming articles.

We’re all used to looking forward to summer tans so we can go out with less make-up on, but here are some great, natural products that will get you the one fall accessory you can’t buy – great skin!

First: Juice Beauty Moisturizers

Celeb make-up artists of every star from Beyonce to Hillary Duff agree that tinted moisturizers are the way to go. Not only do you get a fresh-faced, natural look, you can also protect your skin from damaging rays and give it a lift, Juice Beauty makes a very reasonably priced one at $29, and comes in various tints for various skin tones. Plus it follows the cardinal rule of beauty products – gentle enough to eat! Especially if you get one from their Green Apple line…

Second: Organic Mascara From Lavera

Star of the The Starter Wife, Debra Messing discovered this organic line when she was pregnant, and you should check them out as well – free of parabens, animal products and heavy metals, this stuff also moisturizes your lashes while you wear it! Since the eye area is so delicate, you really want nothing but the best near those pretty peepers to prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

Third: Beautiful Bronzer From Larenim

Larenim began a buzz in 2005 when is appeared in the Oscar goodie bags. Now you don’t have to be a star to have that all-natural, rosy glow. Their talc-free bronzer is sure to give you that natural radiance you’ve been looking for without any talc or chemical ingredients. Use them in place of blush and a quick stroke across the forehead and chin for a great glow!

Fourth: Lipsticks From Cargo

Not only are these lipsticks in all shades and colors from Cargo made from eco-friendly, natural products, you can also plant the remainder of the tube when you are done with them and grow a garden in a matching shade! Five of the 12 shades they offer were designed by Lindsay Lohan, Evangeline Lily, Sarah Chalke, Maria Menounos and Mariska Hargitay.

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  • chris

    Hey there!! great site! I am also into all cosmetics that are green….I just launched a new organic/vegan/natural makeup line: I think you’d love it! I’ve been getting raves.

    I’ve been wanting to try Juice Beauty…it looks great!

  • Mahei

    The more natural the better!! ;-)

    Where is Body Shop in this equation?