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dispatc2_select1.jpgIndie roots folk band Dispatch reunites for the first time in 3 years for Dispatch Zimbabwe this weekend (July 13, 14, and 15) at Madison Square Garden. The Boston based band is well known for their eclectic style infusing reggae, ska, folk, and rap. Tickets first went on sale in January and sold out in 30 minutes making Dispatch the first independent band in history to sell out Madison Square Garden. 100% of all proceeds go towards fighting disease, famine and social injustice in the country of Zimbabwe in addition to local charities via The Dispatch Foundation. But the giving doesn’t stop there. The 3 day events includes numerous opportunities to get your give on. Here a are a few highlights:

Other organizations like Books for Kids, Rock For A Remedy, and Musicians on Call are all joining this amazing effort. But to really prove their commitment, the band is actually fasting for the cause today, Thursday July 12th and encouraging others to join the band to experience hunger and stand in solidarity with those starving in Zimbabwe. Check out all the details here.

Dispatch has always had a passionate and loyal following. While the band is reuniting for this one time event, you can check out their myspace page for the latest Dispatch Zimbabwe coverage or lead singer Chad Urmston’s new band State Radio here.

[Update] Word is that green music org, Reverb will also be in attendance this weekend working on a fan offset program and hosting a few other enviro-non-profits. Rockin!