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This is the fourth in a series of reviews of The 11th Hour. See our previous posts “The 11th Hour: Kinda Like The Titanic, But Everyone’s On Board,”  “Humanity’s 11th Hour: Not Our Finest”
and Does DiCaprio’s 11th Hour Deliver?”

Posting this for Mollie, who attended the 11th Hour screening with me on Wednesday night…


Not for the tired or those short of attention, DiCaprio’s 11th Hour packs a serious punch in its well-edited 91 minutes. This movie thinks big—encouraging viewers to connect themselves to whole picture. Stressing that the rapidly changing ecosystem is a BAD thing (a choppy opening montage flashes images of devastation and destruction) is meant to light a serious fire under our asses.

The film is beautifully done—it’s filled with spanning, breathtaking and often heartbreaking shots set to a soundtrack featuring the type of music that commands attention, inspiring a certain philosophical mind frame (Sigur Rós and Mogwai are a few names). Captivating commentary by experts in a number of fields is interspersed with Leo’s narration. It’s heavy, but promising. Walk in with an open mind (and maybe a notebook, as Thomas notes in his review) and be prepared to feel helpless and sometimes downright terrified before you feel enabled and inspired.