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dicap.jpgWe’ve previously mentioned Leonardo DiCaprio’s desire to provide a green makeover for an entire town, but it’s taken a tornado, a new network, and the current buzz with anything “eco” to make it a reality.

Yesterday, Discovery Channel president and CEO David Zaslav announced that DiCaprio’s new show “Eco-Town” will help launch the new Planet Green network — set to bow in first-quarter 2008. From the article,

“The 13-part series, “Eco-Town,” will chronicle the rebuilding of the small town of Greensburg, Kan., which was devastated by a tornado May 4. The town, which has more than 1,500 residents, will be rebuilt as a ‘sustainable model of eco-living and one that will save it from future environmental catastrophe.’ The project was brought to Discovery by DiCaprio, a noted environmentalist, and Craig Piligiann of Pilgrim Films & Television. DiCaprio will executive produce through his company, Appian Way, along with Piligian and Discovery Studios.”

Not to overshadow the tragedy that occurred there, but could the producers have picked a better town to convert than one already called “Greensburg”?

According to reports, DiCaprio will also serve on the Board of Advisers for Planet Green. Almost $50 million dollars in original programing will be aired on the new “eco-friendly” network.

Eco-Town sounds like it will be an incredibly interesting series — not only in how it helps rebuild the lives of those affected by the devastation earlier this year — but also in the steps it takes to provide a model of sustainability for future green building projects. We’ll be watching this one closely.

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  • Deena

    He’s just the best. Thanks Leo.

  • hometown.greensburg

    Yes I think it will be interesting. I am from Greensburg and very concerned about the time that it has taken to move forward and begin rebuilding. I am concerned that all of this going green will delay things even more. I am all for energy efficiency and the enironment, but I am also about the people of my town, and the fact that they are all homeless while they wait for some decisions to be made to allow them to rebuild and move forward. Many people are forced to hold off on rebuilding while zoning gets decided. I think it is important to remind everyone that, the PEOPLE, are Greensburg. Lets not forget that if everyone moves away, we have not been successful in what we are doing. You must have your heart invested in the community and its people to really truly do what’s best. It seems that hollywood and politicians each have their agenda, and want to capitalize on our devastation. We simply want to get on with our lives, rebuild, and move on with life. I guess time will tell who will join us, and who will stand in the way of our progress.

  • greensburg.problem

    So have you really asked the community members of Greensburg if this is what they want? To be your experiment. I sure dont want someone coming in to a community and tell me whats best for me and my community and then jet home. Nice publicity stunt…

  • Rudy Boonstra

    I passed through Greensburg on my way south and saw the destruction. My heart goes out for the residents. Plese know that once your town is rebuilt you will be happy that you were patient. You will have high efficiency homes that will never be destroyed by a tornado again. Keep up the faith.

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  • Nancy Tran

    It’s great when we have celebrities who are aware and concerned about our planet. The amount of notoriety that a celebrity has really helps with getting the knowledge and exposure of our environmental concerns out to the public. Leonardo is one that has been tirelessly helping us all become more aware about things we can do to help preserve our environment. His campaign to help rebuild Greensburg is another inspiration to us all.