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Ever since she got her hands on Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not a Plastic Bag”, Ecorazzi Field Reporter Valerie Lapinski has been stalked by paparazzi.The time has finally come. On Wednesday, the USA will join in the ranks of Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The much coveted Anya Hindmarch “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” will be available at 15 Whole Foods stores in the New York / Tri-State area beginning at 8am on Wednesday, July 18.

The $15 bag has caused much commotion around the world, including crashing internet sites, “almost” riots, and even (or shall I say, of course) controversy. We’re interested to see how the American version of this tale shakes out.

Of course, if you aren’t located near New York or don’t particularly feel like camping outside of a Whole Foods near you, there is an alternative. Just as we got our hands on the London version of this bag, Ecorazzi Field Reporter Valerie Lapinski pre-ordered one of these puppies at a soirée last month.

Save Valerie! Enter to win the Anya Hindmarch bag!However, since picking up the bag on behalf of Ecorazzi, Valerie has changed. It’s almost as if she’s become as renowned as Keira Knightley & Jessica Biel - famous faces already associated with the bag. The paparazzi are constantly following her. One can imagine how this affects Ecorazzi – she can no longer BE an ecorazzo – she’s being followed by too many photographers!

Please help us save Valerie! We are going to give away this limited edition “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” to one of our readers. Hopefully it will serve you well, AND bring Valerie back from her sudden stardom. In order to enter to win, you must have a mailing address in the USA and send the answer of this question to by July 23, 2007: How many plastic bags does the USA use annually? (Hint, the answer can be found on our site and references a Wall Street Journal statistic.)

If you do plan on swinging by one of the select Whole Foods stores in the Tri-State region on Wednesday, please bring your camera (video or photo) and send us reports of what we can only assume will be eco-madness. Click “more” to see a list of the participating stores.

All purchases must be made in person. Doors open at 8 a.m. Limit 3 bags per person. Shipping is not available.




Edgewater, Madison, Middletown, Milburn, Montclair, Ridgewood, West Orange


Bowery (Anya Hindmarch herself will be at this location!), Chelsea, Columbus Circle, Jericho, Manhasset, Union Square, White Plains

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  • Christina Jewett

    On travel to DC area this week from Arizona and heard about THE BAG on the news in the morning. What a treat, I thought, as I had seen a Whole Foods store within walking/subway distance of the hotel. Enjoyed the walk and learned to use the Metro subway to Whole Foods where I was disappointed to learn of the limited distribution. WF directed me to their website–unfortunately no mail out shipments according to the web. Not really happy with the bag availability, but wonderful tasters at WF and dinner of Water Buffalo Milk Vermont Maple Yogurt made up for it.

  • Karyn Seglin

    How can I purchase the Not a Plastic Bag bag

  • Joey Brodish

    OUR MOM’s always said we could change the world.. so we are! and we want you to, as well!

    Check out our latest news in eco-friedly fashion and events!

    Warmly ( solar of course)

    Joey Lauren Brodish

  • breeseDive

    Tahnks for posting

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  • mike

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