by paige
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snipshot_e41ksl10q5p0.jpgThe trickle effect of awareness via Live Earth is beginning to spread. NBC Universal announces a week long, company-wide “Green is Universal” initiative to launch on November 4. The network’s most popular programs including My Name Is Earl, The Office, Scrubs, Heroes, and Deal or No Deal will adopt green-friendly programming all in an effort to spread the green gospel. This is the first initiative that came out of the network’s newly formed Green Council, which is chaired by Bravo head Lauren Zalaznick. The Green Council provides a comprehensive and company wide program to improve the environmental impact of its operations by reducing greenhouse gases, raising awareness about green issues, and stimulating change in the media and entertainment industry. According to Zalaznick in a statement about “Green Is Universal”:

For the first time ever, the massive resources of the entire NBC Universal family will stand together behind a single pro-social cause. This far-reaching initiative represents the first step in our commitment to help raise environmental awareness and effect

It is affirming to see NBC stepping up to the plate and no doubt other networks are sure to follow. From Steve Carell’s likely green office tips to potential greening of Sunday Night Football, we have to wonder, how green will they really go? Stay tuned!

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