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Ecorazzi caught up with Gabe Saporta, lead singer of the alternative band Cobra Starship, to talk about his flesh-free lifestyle on tour and beyond. Saporta, known for “Bring it,” theme song for the feature film Snakes on a Plane, immigrated to Queens from Montevideo, Uruguay, with dreams of becoming a rockstar. Fresh off his heels from touring with fellow band members, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is… and +44 in support of the environment on the 2007 Honda Civic Tour, the vocalist soon embarks on a new sojourn with Panic At the Disco, Gym Class Heroes and others for Decaydance Fest in Europe in late August while lessening his carbon footprint one bite at a time.

E: How has vegetarianism increased your quality of life?
GS: When you remove violence from you life, it just gives you some clarity. I feel that because I made the decision—and stuck with it—it gave me a lot of discipline, clarity and a clean conscience. No one feels good about killing a living thing.

E: What challenges do you face on tour as a vegetarian?
GS: It’s a challenge to be healthy especially when you are touring. On tour, it’s hard to prepare and find time so it poses a challenge. But, we always find a way.

E: What are your main reasons for being a vegetarian?
It’s purely moral. It is important to live life according to principles of reason that you can apply in different situations and not live life whimsically and change your idea on how you feel emotionally at that time. Only a purely moral realm, I do not want to eat meat.

E: What advice you can give newbie vegetarians?
GS: I think you need to take it gradually and when you do things abruptly, you might give it up. Cut down on one thing and than another. It’s really important for people to understand the ideas and philosophy behind why it’s not right to kill a living thing to eat. The philosophy is ultimately what makes you make decisions about what you want to do with your life.