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Yesterday evening we spotted Julia Roberts and her husband of many years, Danny Moder, going to dinner with two female friends at VF Graydon Carter‘s West Village hot spot, The Waverly Inn.

Whereas I’m happy to say that Julia has lost all baby weight and looked stunningly more beautiful in person than on-screen, the party of four disappointingly rolled up to the restaurant in a chauffeured black Yukon Denali. At 13 mpg in the city and using unleaded gasoline, this vehicle isn’t quite what we were expecting from Julia.

This may seem a bit nitpicky considering it is normal for celebs to ride around in massive, tinted-window global warmers; Julia is usually eco-conscious and normally drives a hybrid or biodiesel vehicle. She is also a spokesperson for Earth Biofuels, Inc. a biodiesel fuel company that also sells Willie Nelson‘s BioWillie. Because of her enlightened state of environmental awareness, Julia Roberts should know that she has green options for renting cars when she is away from home and more importantly, her Prius:

First, she could have rented a luxury Hybrid through OZOcar, NY’s first eco-luxury car service which has both Toyota and Lexus models. Or, if she could have opted to rent from Hertz whose Green Collection include fuel efficient cars like the Toyota Prius and Camry. With 35,000 cars in the Green Collection fleet, they are available in 50 cities in the US and with each rental, $1 goes to the National Park Foundation.

When she travels to LA or Las Vegas, she might want to rent a bio-diesel powered vehicle to go with her specific interest in that particular alternative fuel. Through, she could find the perfect rental ride to schlep the kiddies Hazel, Phinnaeus, and baby Henry about town.

Anyway, Julia if you are reading this I just want you to know that I was disillusioned by your vehicle choice, but you can regain my admiration by adhering to your green lifestyle, even on vacation. Next time, take the high road and rent a hybrid.

  • LM

    I totally agree that she has tons of options and should be more responsible, as she is representing a biodiesel company. However, in her defense, I will say that with some recent controversies, she or her security team may have preferred the gas guzzler for this particular night.

  • Hal Howell

    I say Julia can drive whatever she wants. I’m tired of celebs telling me what I have to drive and I sure don’t care what they drive. I drive a Prius because I want to drive a Prius NOT because someone told me to. So, if Julia wants to drive an SUV then that’s her right! This is still America, NOT Russia!!