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snipshot_e46bh8l3nis.jpgThere have been many legendary match ups in the history of the world. David vs Goliath, Ali vs Foreman, Decepticons vs Autobots. In the green world, however, we may be witnessing a new rivalry that surpasses anything previously seen. That’s right folks, start placing your bets on Nye vs Begley.

According to a recent ABC News report, Bill Nye The Science Guy is challenging Ed Begley Jr. for the title of “Lowest Carbon Footprint”. The two self-proclaimed “green geeks” are neighbors in California and are continuing to attempt to outdo each other in sustainable living. From the article,

“Nye is Begley’s neighbor, who, Begley says, is ‘a very nice fellow who started this competition, I suppose, to see who could have the lowest carbon footprint.’ He moved onto Begley’s street a year ago, started looking over the fence and built his own solar power system. Nye is not just trying to match Begley — he’s raised the stakes by putting in a state-of-the-art system. ‘Without Ed down the street pushing all of us to live a more environmentally-responsible lifestyle, I wouldn’t be so motivated to crush him like a bug,’ says Nye.”

Current odd makers are placing Nye ahead of Begley in energy consumption — but only because Ed has a gorgeous wife and, well, Nye is single.

“‘I have to be on the grid … a lot,’ Ed explains, ‘because of certain people here who don’t have my certain zeal for exercising on the bike to produce power, or saving power.’ When asked if he’s talking about his wife, Begley says, ‘I don’t want to name names — that would be counterproductive.'”

While it’s unlikely anyone will ever be able to best Begley on living a green lifestyle (the guy has been living this way for decades), it is fun to see friendly competition like this. Hilarious too. Here’s my favorite bit from the article,

Begley’s daughter Hayden is in favor of the competition. ‘I like it because my daddy is winning,’ she says.

‘You don’t have little blond children to speak for you?’ Begley asks Nye.

‘No,’ replies Nye, ‘especially none that are so well coached.’

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