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Queen Latifah at the 2006 Glamour Women of the Year AwardsEach year Glamour salutes incredible women at their Women of the Year Awards. Past winners include Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Venus Williams, Queen Latifah, and even Madonna. Last year, environmentalist Laurie David was honored, and many celebs arrived in hybrids.

This year, you have a chance to participate (and attend!), as well. Glamour is currently running the Woman of YOUR Year contest, where you can nominate an unsung hero from your neck of the woods.

Make sure to fill out the application before the deadline, August 19, 2007, because the prize is gooood. The winner will not only receive a trip for two to New York to attend the gala at Lincoln Center on November 5, but she’ll also receive support for her cause & coverage in an issue of Glamour.

Last year, Associated Press Editor Anita Chang won the award. Not for something she wrote, but for something she overcame. Here is the winning nomination written by her friend Kristi McNeal-Wolf:

Last year my best friend, Anita Chang, was in a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Anita is my inspiration and always will be because of her fierce determination to regain control of her life despite her new disabilities. Prior to her accident, Anita was an editor at the national desk of the Associated Press. Her accident left her with short- and long-term memory loss. She spent the past year rehabilitating through cognitive, speech, physical and psychotherapy. One year later, Anita is back at work again as a national editor. I think Anita should attend Glamour’s Woman of the Year awards because there is nothing more glamorous than overcoming adversity with dignity and grace.

We also found a piece written by Anita while she was on leave from the AP, still recovering. She writes about her loss of one of her senses – smell – and how it has affected her life. I don’t know if she’s been able to overcome it.

It’s an incredible story – tell Glamour about an amazing woman in your community. Is she out there saving the world or making a big difference to just one person? Who will you nominate?

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  • Chris Surfus

    I would like to nominate Rache Coleman, who has inspired me to be a better person, friend and Mother.
    When Rachel Coleman’s first child, Leah, was a year old they found out she was deaf. They started learning sign language. They had a second child, Lucy, that was diagnosed with spinal bifida and CP and because of Lucy’s disabilities, they were told she would not be able to use sign.
    Prior to having children Rachel was a struggling musician and decided to make some Sign Language videos, which incorporated her talents as a song writer and singer, to help other (normal) children communicate with her daughter and other children like her. Her songs are amazing!
    I know that being a Mother of a disabled child is an extremely hard task in itself, but to turn it into helping so many others is what truly inspires me. It would be so easy to sit back and become absorbed in self pity but Rachel Coleman does not, she continues to give an amazing gift to the rest of us.
    She can be contacted through
    My son, Isaac, has a neuromuscular disorder, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and is one of the children that Rachel Coleman videos has helped. Her inspirational music is a daily reminder not to give up or settle for anything less than what our child can achieve.

  • Ebony

    My Woman of the year is definately Miss Chelsea Chesen,M.D. of Omaha, Nebraska. She is a psychiatrist here in Omaha who literally wears her self thin for her patients. She works with the neediest of patients and the most hurting patients. She is also an inspiring professor of psychiatry here in Omaha at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. One thing I have to say is that if it wasn’t for this woman I would have lost faith and killed myself a long time ago. Because of her my faith has been renewed. She is always there for me and has given some literally prophetic advice. She was there every hour when I was coming off of drugs and getting sober and clean. Her heart is so big and compassion comes very natural for her. Because of her, I am alive and I’m sure that goes for other patients as well. Omaha, Nebraska says THANK YOU DR. CHESEN! You broke us down, broke down walls, and opened our heart.