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omnipeaceRelationship and differences aside, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have both joined on to support OmniPeace; an organization committed to ending extreme poverty by the year 2025. From SheFinds,

“Jolie has become a great supporter for the cause, and has visited the first Millenium Promise village in Sauri, Kenya. Aniston has been spotted wearing the OmniPeace tank in yellow, an act that can only be described as selfless given her history, and the cause’s association with Jolie. It’s positively refreshing to see celebrities uniting for such an important cause in spite of personal differences.”

On June 21st, Courtney Cox and David Arquette hosted the launch of the OmniPeace shirt at Kitson Men. 50% of profits from the sales of the shirts go towards the foundation. Other recent supporters include Kevin Constner, Common, Naomi Campbell, Shawn Wayans, Sienna Miller, and what appears to be some of the stars from the movie Hairspray.

To find out more about OmniPeace, please visit their official website.

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  • Mary

    Are you people really that stupid? Angelina Jolie spends three years working on Millenium Projects, setting up and funding on in Cambodia but Jennifer Anniston is selfless because she wore the t-shirt that her BFF gave her, are you people fo real?

    I keep thinking that I am beyond being surprised in all of these but people just never cease to surprise me.

    What next, we will applaud Jennifer Anniston for sending some bottle water to Africa, after all it must be big of her and selfless of her seeing that Angelina Jolie has spent about six years of her life doing some work in Africa, but no, the self absorbed twit who will never get of her ass and lend a hand is selfless.

  • Jenny

    Mary – and who the hell are you to say that Jennifer never gets her ass to help? You moron? She has helped a lot of causes but does not go out and flag it like Angelina does – the activist who would not take commercial planes, whose body guards rough up poor Indian people and who goes ahead of the line when poor children have been lining for ages to get their children to school. Angelina a humanitarian – my foot! Tell it to the dogs

  • Elen

    Santa Claus lives on Mars.Angelina Jolie goes up and down wondering in Africa to note what she looks with her two human eyes and stop.Without a camera or a photographer and a good make-up artist she doesn’t go anywhere.OK she donated some million for her charity work but all the donations she made was mentioned by magazines like PEOPLE,including pics of her new adopted children (bought illegaly).She spends money to help poor people and re-gain the same amount by selling her donations stories to the mags with a lot of publicity for herself.If Jennifer Aniston donates I don’t know but if she does she doesn’t run to obtain publicity over her donations or to show to the world she is the one who helps poors etc..etc..Thousand of men and women in the world donate or go to Africa for help but they don’t call a photographer or a magazine to do it!

  • Bianca

    Jeny and Elen very well said everything you guys said is “SO TRUE” Jen has helped St. Judes kids for years now but she doesnt go calling every magazine whenshe does it comes from the heart and its a beautiful thing for her to do!

  • celine

    I believe both are doing a great cause. I think Jennifer still got the hots for Brad. But I think Brad is madly in love with Angelina (at least for now). Jennifer just can’t keep her man. Someone give her some lessons. I don’t know how many more break ups she can go through before she turns into a nun.