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We thought we had seen it all. From Barbara Streisand’s copious amount of towels to private jets for each of the Spice Girls. If anything, this latest news is proof positive that if you truly believe yourself to be a Diva, others will believe it to. No task is too great — like, say, building you a luxury home to stay in during your concerts.

That’s right, as I’ve already given away in the title, legendary diva Prince has requested a luxury, five-room home be built on the stadium grounds of London’s o2 Arena. Oh yea, and if you don’t mind, he’d rather not pay for it either. According to the reports, the site’s owners have already agreed to the request saying,

“‘Prince’s people approached us with the idea a few months ago,’ said a property source. ‘He has had some pretty wild nights out in London and loves all that the capital has to offer, so it makes sense for him to have a more permanent base here. And with the Docklands increasingly becoming a trendy area to live, he obviously wants to capitalise on this. Plus, with more and more gigs and events being held at the O2, he will always be just a stone’s throw from the action.'”

Phew. Because we’d hate for him to have to take a limo or plush private jet to get there. Since Prince obviously is aware that his feet were never meant to walk the same Earth as ours, we can pretty much bet he’ll be chauffeured the couple hundred feet or so from this new house to the concert arena.

It’s a carbon-disaster folks! The only glimmer of eco-friendliness is that the home will be pre-fabricated; a much more efficient process for building homes than on-site construction. At this rate, Prince will probably be requesting his own stadiums before long!

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  • grant myers

    the huge ego isn’t cool, its extremely pathetic. his tour promoters are really ignorant of his lies for future anything, hes just using them for every penny. they must be stupid to not see this con job. really stupid. it will cost them much more money than they will ever get back. ask the record companies how many millions he used of their money with no payback. they lost their money, then he complained they stole from him, not exactly true. just fake hype don’t cover major investments gone. he must be laughing all the way to his purple bank. he tricks them to spend their money, and what they really get is, his phoney hype, not bankable. while they promote him honestly, he makes a fool out of them. his habit, for selling nothing, seems to be working, making a living using people. the way of dishonest business,has been going on for years. feel sorry for the companies that pay lots, for nothing.

    big business alliances if smart should steer clear of this guy, not worth the money risks.