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beau soleilIn an effort to stay on top of the latest in green fashion coming out of design shops, we’re happy to announce a new eco-friendly clothing line launching later this month called Beau Soleil. The designs come from rising fashion designer, Anne Salvatore Epstein, who named the brand after, uniquely, her favorite type of oyster. Yum.

From the release,

“Epstein uses fabric made out of bamboo, a sustainable material, vegetable-dyed organic cottons, tencel, which is made from eucalyptus tress, and vintage as well as recycled leather trims. The company’s focus is on sustainability, fair trade and labor, as well as organic raw materials with the end goal to offer consumers environmentally healthy clothing choices without sacrificing fashion.”

Not bad, right? If you’ve never tried bamboo clothing, you’re missing out. As a guy that enjoys t-shirts, I can honestly say that it’s a quality fabric that quickly makes you forget cotton. It’s great to see more designers embracing it.

We’ll keep you updated on the line (you can visit the official site here) and the who’s who caught wearing it. You can expect to pick up Beau Soleil once launched at either Intermix or

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  • Hun Boon

    Hmm.. Long list of materials there, I’m just wondering how much of the cloth is made from bamboo. If it’s less than half, say, 30% bamboo, then can we really call it bamboo clothing?

    It’s like engineered bamboo flooring. Only the top 3-4mm of a 15mm floor is bamboo, the rest is just plywood. That’s only ~30% bamboo, unlike our 100% bamboo flooring.

    Just a thought. :)

  • Retro Fashion

    All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

  • chelsey

    ooo that’s Melrose from top model season 8 or 7 i think. Loved her. glad to see she’s getting work

  • Fashionable Earth

    Read our review of Beau Soleil – we love it !!