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Happy Birthday, Ecorazzi! We Are One!

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Happy 1st Birthday, Ecorazzi!Happy Birthday to us! Today Ecorazzi turns 1 year old!

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a warm June night when Michael first IM’d me and asked if I’d like to work on an eco-celebrity blog together. We’d call it Ecorazzi, he said. (Michael’s note: Rebecca disliked the name at first.) (Rebecca’s note: I really, really did.) A little over a month later we already had several posts live and finally purchased the Ecorazzi.com domain one year ago today, August 3.

We never expected anything like this.

We were live on the web from Day 1, but didn’t make an official announcement while we were building up our archive of posts. And then, on August 7, Shea Gunther happened. (M: Shea Gunther ruins all the fun surprises.) He announced Ecorazzi on his blog, Musings of an Eco-Entrepreneur. Moments later, Collin Dunn picked up Shea’s story and we were on Treehugger. We found out through a supportive “Ecorazzi Rules” email from our Groovy friend Chris Welch. We weren’t ready, but… “Away we goooo!” The Grist List picked us up at the end of that very same week and we haven’t looked back since.

And what a ride it has been. First of all, we’d like to thank all of you dedicated readers out there. This content is for you – we work hard to provide it for you and love that you love it. Thank you for continuing to visit the site and for all of your support.

Secondly, we are extremely in debt to all of our contributors. It all started out with a lone contributor – a rock star in the Philippines, Lynn Lopez – and has grown to be something out of a dream. A special thanks to our team, past and present: Paige Davis, Nina Braten, Dino Malvone, Gabriel Mugar, Frank Siteman, Jason Crawford, Summer Bowen, Sarah Shewey, Damien Somerset, Thomas Farley, Valerie Lapinski, Mollie Magill, Melissa Rosenberg, Margaret Teich, Christine Petrozzo, Kelli Shields, Megan Hilfer, Elizabeth Doyle, Sally Glover, Jarrett Osborne, Stefani Newman, Gabriela Lee, Jules Brown, Chris Ingham Brooke, Erin DeRuggiero, and Lascelles Linton. As you can see, all of our contributors have their own endeavors, yet they still find the time to volunteer their keyboards to Ecorazzi. Please join us in thanking them for all of their incredible work, dedication, and inspiration! (Plus some juicy bits of gossip we would have never found without them!) There’s still plenty of room on the team for you – come join the party!

We also owe some huge thanks to people who have helped us with design and technology. Another special thanks to Ghyslain Armand, Lian Chang, Jasmin Chua, Bryan Ruiz, and Katie Polemis.

We’ve had funny posts, serious posts, and posts that even DiCaprio‘s reps called us over. That’s when we knew we were being heard. The greatest pleasure has come from adding a shade to environmentalism that embodies humor, entertainment, and some good old fashioned activism. (Okay, okay, Grist got there first!)

What we’re doing is still a huge experiment. We never set out to embrace celebrity gossip. Anyone that’s ever stood passionately behind an idea, cause, or belief knows that creativity is sometimes one of the best weapons in exposing people to new initiatives. If we can inspire someone to think about the environment, donate to a charity, or help out a neighbor by simply glancing over stories about Will Ferrell brushing his teeth or pictures of Jessica Alba driving a Prius, then we’ve succeeded. We’re still evolving: your comments and suggestions have pushed us further to realizing this goal. Plus, we’re having a hell of a lot of fun in the process.

So stick with us. We’ve got some fun things planned ahead (including a new site design!). We’ll see you at 2.

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