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I’m not sure what’s more encouraging: The fact that a couple that met on 2003’s television series The Bachelorette are still together or that they’re both green individuals who find the eco-friendly lifestyle fun and easy. Either way, for new parents Ryan and Trista Sutter the decision to walk a healthier path made perfect sense. From the article,

‘”We try and live environmentally friendly lives as much as possible,’ Trista says. ‘We still use electricity, we still drive cars, we still buy cotton products that aren’t organic, but any little thing that you can do, if all of us do our part, it makes such a huge difference, and that goes along with all the fun stuff for babies.’

The couple recently hooked up with Green Nest, to help create a healthy, earth-safe and baby-safe nursery. The company helps people eliminate toxins from the home, selling products and offering consultation on their website. Confirming the “want a woman wants” type personality that we mentioned yesterday, Trista’s choice couldn’t be any more ‘attractively green’. The guy “writes a weekly column for the Vail Daily about sustainability. He’s certified by LEED to construct eco-friendly buildings and just finished shooting the “The EcoZone Project,” where he serves as the builder member of a team who gives celebrity homes a green makeover.”

The article goes on to mention some excellent tips for making your home more eco-friendly. Lisa Beres, one of the consultants and owners of Green Nest, is a certified — wait for it — Baubiologist. What the? According to the article, a Baubiology “is a study derived from Germany which encompasses how buildings impact life and the living environment.” Now you know.

Hit the jump for a great read if you’re looking to make your home a healthier, green environment.

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