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With The Bourne Ultimatum hitting theaters this weekend (just saw it — awesome), Matt Damon is making the press rounds answering questions about his new daughter, dodging hilarious insults from pal George Clooney, and opening up about his concern for the environment. Oh yea, and he can’t wait to get his hands on a 2008 Tesla Roadster. From the article,

“‘I drive a Toyota Prius and I have one of the Lexus hybrids,’ he says. ‘Next year I’m getting a Tesla Roadster, which I’m very, very excited about. It’s an electric car, gets about 250 miles to the charge and is fast as hell! I can’t wait to get it. Driving a green car is one of the ways we can all do a little more, so I’m trying to do that.'”

Looks like someone missed the early registration list for the first delivery of Teslas this fall. Clooney should be receiving his in October, at which point you can bet the first person he’ll send a picture to will be Matt Damon. Cruel, I say, cruel.

Green cars aside, The Bourne Ultimatum racked up some serious carbon points. Damon and his entourage, including his family and minders, are estimated to have traveled more than 1m flying miles during the filming; a fact that doesn’t escape the star. ‘I feel bad about that,’ confesses Damon. ‘I don’t take any trips that I don’t have to take, but for a movie like this we went all over Europe, back to New York and then back over to Europe.'”

With a 140 day shoot in multiple locations around the world, it’s tough to avoid a massive footprint. Is Universal at the very least considering offsets? Aren’t they supposed to be a new bad-ass green studio?

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  • Ron G

    Yea…I’m sure Matty feels terrible about flying all over the place in a private jet. If he really gave a shit, he would fly standby on a plane already going his direction. Another Hollywood Limosine Liberal. Makes me puke.

  • roz

    good for him for anything that he does thats green and for promoting the green cause.

    comparison should not be between his actions and your ideal (which I guess would mean not using a private jet?), its between his actions and what he might be doing given his wealth, what other people are doing in his position.

  • Pete Carlson

    This sort of crap is so hypocritical as to be awe provoking. People like this do the absolute most damage to the progressive cause. They provide evidence for the anti eco people to prove that ecologically friendly people are a bunch of self serving narcissists–and for those of us who DO care about the environment, Matt and his crowd are just another bunch overfed consumption parasites. Disgusting in the extreme. It’s a utter shame that anybody spend their time talking about what this bonehead drives.

    Nice that he wants to play the role of an environmentalist, but he isn’t cut for the part.

    How about something like this, what these people DON’T drive? Something newsworthy and less insulting?

  • Deron Triff

    There is no question in my mind that fans distinguish between the authenticity that comes through in the actions of Leonardo DiCaprio or Angelina Jolie and the showboating of actors who buy their way to greenliness (perhaps including Matt Damon, though I do not know enough about his green commitment to pass judgment). Irrespective of whether you like Leo or Angelina, the fact is that they are walking the talk by making real commitments of their time day in and day out.

    What’s more amazing, though, are “change agents” who hang in the company of us regular people like Scott Harrison/Charity Is: ( or Brad Corrigan/Braddigan ( or Rebecca Kousky of Nest ( These folks have the amazing stories tell that inspire action and I’d rather stand shoulder to shoulder with them over Matt Damon any day of the week.

  • Mr. Know-it-All

    Ron G got it right, except for the “liberal” jab.

    Tesla is still not a government certified car and according to its founder today, Martin Eberhard, they still have a few HUGE hurdles to get over before receiving certification.

    Will this car actually be in customer’s hands this year? DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!

    According to Martin, the batteries will only have a 4 yr. warranty (so what) and it will be $25,000 to replace them. OUCH!!!!!




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  • apperycledy

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