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Actress and green activist Cate Blanchett is at it again! The Daily Green reports Blanchett’s green efforts from an interview with Australian newspaper Herald Sun, including “cutting her driving by 20km (almost 13 miles) a week, switched her household power supply to green power, and installed a water-efficient shower head.” In fact, Blanchett enjoys her shower timer so much, she’s apparently purchased 30 of them to spread the joy and give as gifts!

Additionally, Blanchett has teamed up with the Australian Conservation Foundation for their new online campaign, Who on Earth Cares. The website explains, “Who On Earth Cares brings together Australians from all walks of life who want to reduce our greenhouse pollution and avoid dangerous climate change.” People sign up and record why they care about climate change, and what steps they’re taking to reduce their footprint. While Americans need not apply to this campaign, Blanchett’s push to bring global warming as a major issue for upcoming elections in Australia is food (or green) for thought. Maybe Blanchett’s The Aviator co-star Leonardo DiCaprio‘s new film will give a boost for global warming initiatives in the US?

(As for the shower timer, TreeHugger has reviewed a bunch of them.)

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  • Don Brunkhardt

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