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Adam Gardner & Guster Tour on Pine Fresh Bus

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When we interviewed Adam Gardner of Guster a while back, we talked about everything from the non-profit organization that he co-founded with his wife, Lauren Sullivan to reusable water bottles.

We left off, however, some of the juiciest details of the interview…until now! Not only is Reverb one of the main organizations helping bands organize biodiesel for their tour buses, but Adam is also working with a WCLZ in Portland, Maine and WBOS in Boston to air eco-focused PSAs. Check out this quickie on Thermostats.

However, our favorite piece of the whole interview was when we asked Adam if he had a green product recommendation. He laughed and told me, “Yeah, but it’s really embarrassing – kind of a random one. Ecover. We just recently switched over in our bus to everything non-toxic. Everything eco-friendly, everything post-consumer recycled paper.

“All the products we use on the bus now are eco-friendly. The biggest one that everyone’s most impressed with is Ecover’s toilet cleaner. Pine scented – it smells like a freakin’ pine forest in your bathroom. Honestly, that’s the one that everyone says, ‘This is amazing! I’m getting this for my house!’

“And on a bus with 10 people, it’s very rare for the bathroom to smell good at all. And for it to smell like a pine forest..! It doesn’t have that fake smell, it smells real. It’s not a bunch of chemicals, so it probably is somehow essential oils of pine.” Looking at the ingredients on the bottle, it seems he is correct! We had a good laugh over the product, and I told him that I’d have to try it, though I don’t have a tour bus. To that Adam replied, “Yeah, but you have a toilet.”

Guster is currently on tour in their pine fresh tour bus. You can catch them at the eco-friendly Farm Aid on September 9.

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