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Kiefer & 24 Go Green; Rush Limbaugh Reminds Us He’s Not An Environmentalist

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Word hit the street the other day that this season, Kiefer Sutherland‘s 24 would be going green, inside and out.

Behind the scenes, biodiesel will be used to power generators, energy will be purchased from green sources, hybrid cars will be used in the production fleet, and a stage will be rewired to run off of electricity instead of diesel. Going green tips are already available on the show’s website as a resource for viewers.

“Hooray”, said the world in response to Fox’s move on the green front. Well, perhaps not everyone. Rush Limbaugh, eco-hater turned environmentalist, returned to his roots when he addressed the issue on his radio show Tuesday:

I’ve received a slew of e-mails from people who have read a Drive-By Media report that “24” in the next season is going green.

For example, “May day, may day, trouble on ’24.’ Dear Rush: I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I read with horror that the new season of ’24’ will have Jack Bauer fighting global warming. Can you use your influence to change this script?”

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot be blamed for totally misunderstanding this. This is a testament to the absolute incompetence of the Drive-By Media. Jack Bauer is not going to be shooting SUVs. Jack Bauer is not going to be driving hybrids. Jack Bauer is not going to use BBs. All the story means is that — and this is a Fox network-wide dictum from the suits in the studio tower — all these Fox programs are going to be carbon neutral in their production techniques, with lightbulb changes on the set and things like that. The content of the program is not what’s referred to in the story, so don’t panic.

Sorry, Rush. I think your information is a little off. Drive-By Media, of course, gets their information from press releases. Where do you get yours? It specifically states that 24 will be, “when appropriate, incorporating the issue of global warming and the importance of carbon emission reduction into storylines.” ABC News does report, however, that the execs around the program want to make sure that the content is always appropriate and doesn’t come off as preachy. Don’t think it can’t be done. These students figured out how to make global warming the center of attention on their version of 24.

Jack, I mean Kiefer, has already shot a PSA on the topic. Check it out:

From Crackle: 24s Kiefer Sutherland on Global Warming

Thanks for the tip, Denise!

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