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11th Hour Interviews Were Filmed In DiCaprio’s Mom’s Garage

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dicaprioCanadian site Movies Online has a great interview with Leonardo DiCaprio that opens a few more doors into his environmental passions and also reveals some odd facts from The 11th Hour. Here are some highlights:

On Living Green
I’ve been driving a hybrid car for five, six years now. My house is built green, I have solar panels on my house, I do most of the stuff except walk to work, and I don’t have a compost pile on my house, no, I don’t have that, But I try to live by example as well. At the end of the day I keep urging this, and I think this is the new thing that I’m trying to get across here, that I don’t think the environmentalists, or the environmental movement, is about telling people how to live, no matter what financial background they come from, because not everyone can put solar panels on their house. It’s just not a reality.

On Hollywood Going Green
What about films in Hollywood? It would be great; I’d certainly be an advocate for it. I know that the Hollywood system itself produces a tremendous amount of waste in making these movies. This is all a part of the movement we’re talking about, from Hollywood down to the way everything is produced in this country, that’s what one of the great quotes in this movie is, ‘We have to reinvent the way we do everything.’ And you can look at that as an exciting thing or something that makes you depressed, but yeah, absolutely I’d be the first one on board and I’ve urged it in the past, and it’s difficult to make some of these things happen, it really is. When corporations and companies are set in their ways, it’s difficult to make a lot of this stuff happen, but I’m certainly on board for that.

On The 11th Hour Not Being A Union Film
It was three people in an editing room. Maybe some of the visuals in this film are confusing, but this is all stock footage, we didn’t have nature crews going out there to Africa to get some of these scenic shots. This is all edited together and it was done by a lot of different favors, and my portion of what I’ve invested in this movie is all going back into non-profit organizations. It’s a different type of film in that regard. There was not a giant crew. There were people with HD cameras interviewing people in my mother’s garage.

Hit the site to read the full interview.

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