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grenier_hilton.gifAs unlikely as the duo might be, we’re getting reports that actor Adrian Grenier and socialite Paris Hilton may next turn their attention to saving British Columbia’s old growth forests. Canadian eco-warrior Tzeporah Berman met the two stars while attending the premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary The 11th Hour and implored their help. From the article,

“‘We talked about Canada’s old-growth forests, specifically about B.C. forests and how beautiful they are,’ said Berman in a phone interview Friday, an hour after she arrived back in Vancouver from Los Angeles. Grenier and Hilton were “very interested” in the state of the world’s forests and forest ethics, she said. ‘[They] were very concerned to hear these forests are being used to make junk mail and catalogues.'”

Grenier is an obvious “in” for this type of cause having been featured on the ‘raz several times in the past year for his eco-friendly ways. Hilton is a bit of an enigma since we can’t quite trust her sincerity when it comes to activism. I will, however, give her points for attending The 11th Hour premiere unannounced and most likely sitting through the entire flick.*

While nothing is final regarding commitment from the two stars, Berman — who is also a co-founder of ForestEthics — is hopeful the pair will sign up to help support the cause. Hit the jump for more.

*[UPDATE] Apparently, Grenier and Hilton not only arrived to the premiere together in his Prius — but they also ditched the movie after walking the red carpet. Points taken away. WTF?

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  • RemyC

    One good way Paris could help is by joining the Magazine Paper Project, a partner of ForestEthics, which assist magazine publishers in switching over to recycled paper stock… Magazines still contribute a great deal old-growth deforestation. Paris could insist any layout using her likeness be printed on recycled stock… Advertizers like Aveda demand this all the time…