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Oscar-winning Hollywood star Cate Blanchett was in Brisbane, Australia yesterday to encourage Australians to become more aware of the dangers of climate change. She also helped launch the Australian Conservation Foundation’s new campaign, Who On Earth Cares.

From the site,

“Who On Earth Cares brings together Australians from all walks of life who want to reduce our greenhouse pollution and avoid dangerous climate change. Who On Earth Cares shows what we are all doing in our lives to save energy and helps each of us let our politicians know we want leadership and real solutions to this important issue. ”

Cate kicks of the clean-looking site with a video that may inspire you to take Dramamine half-way through. Seriously, if the unsteady camera work featured in The Bourne Supremacy or Bourne Ultimatum made you feel seasick, you might want to explore the site and skip the video. Interesting how that style is catching on in other media.

Here’s what Cate had to say on how the issue affects Australians: “I think that the majority of Australians are beginning to realize that we can’t hope to address the very real issues of water shortages and drought unless we significantly reduce Australia’s spiraling greenhouse emissions. Climate change is an issue that affects each and every one of us, and therefore it’s up to each and every one of us to act responsibly and do something about it.”

Blanchett can back up her talk. She has a home in Sydney that’s completely powered by the sun, takes measures in her own everyday life to reduce her impact, and has supported various causes and green initiatives. The only question remains, do you care?

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  • Graeme Dunstan

    All praise to the beautiful Cate for going Green and public.

    Saw it on the TV news and she was inspiring.

    I am wondering if Cate might take a public stand on APEC.

    Howard and Bush are expected to sign a nuclear agreement there, Australia to supply the uranium and to receive the waste, support for the nuclear energy industry’s climate change solution.

    APEC: pro-Greed, pro-War, pro-Nuke.

    Let the dead dance, I say!

    Hence the Ghost Dance on Friday evening 7 September, the APEC imposed holiday.

    Street theatre. See

    For thr Earth!

    Grademe Dunstan
    0407 951 688