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  • becky

    Interesting. Does she really mean that? Or she just ‘jumping on the bandwagon’???!?

  • Dee Lightly

    Lindsay feels like an asshole for distracting people from global warming? I guess that’s good. I would too. Then again, I’d also feel like an asshole for repeated drunk driving offenses and making Georgia Rule, but that’s just me.

  • RemyC

    Hey, Lindsay, don’t feel bad, I feel like an asshole too… for spending years educating stars just like you… So instead of feeling like an asshole, start DOING something about it!!! Like, huh… if ALL this attention is focused on YOU… you being the little darlin’ at Disney… why don’t you pick up a green design book, or log into treehugger (sorry for plugging competition…) or even cocktailorganico (hey, me pluggie me now) to read about all the organic booze that’s out there now you could pitch, help out, green agriculture… like Farmer John… hey, that’d be a photo op… you on the farm with Farmer John, wearing pink boas on his tractor, together… wouldn’t that be fab? Don’t feel like an asshole… BE an asshole, a GREEN asshole, like all of us here… who love to be assholes for mother earth… because assholes launching depleted uranium shells for Cheney ain’t so trendy!

  • Barry

    Lindsay- Why not help people make their body and homes toxin free and do good for the planet as well.
    Shaklee is a company who is looking for folks like yourself to spread the great environmental work that they do in the health and wellness industry. No longer do you need to feel like there is nothing you can do.
    Check out the new vitalizer products and get yourself and others revitalized.

  • Matt

    I feel like I am part of a nation of idiots for paying attention to the mess this girl has made of her life instead of spending that time and attention on something truly meaningful. She could actually stay in rehab but that would be dull.

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