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What’s DiCaprio’s secret weapon to ward off annoying paparazzi? Why is Quentin Tarantino using pedicabs? Why does Ari’s wife on Entourage not have a name? The answers to these fascinating questions and more in today’s snap!

star Leonardo DiCaprio has discovered a new method to avoiding paparazzi: discussing global warming. The producer/director of the upcoming eco-doc The 11th Hour recently told that Chicago-Sun Times that such topics are not tabloid material and they tend to stay away. From the interview, “The tabloids and the paparazzi don’t care what I have to say about global warming or getting away from dependency on fossil fuels. … I think I’ve just bored them into leaving me alone.” [via celebrityblog]

starQuentin Tarantino recently opted for a human-powered rickshaw while in Manila. The director was less concerned about the planet and more interested in arriving on time to receive a film award at the presidential palace. His limo had been stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours when the suggestion was made to jump ship and pick up a pedicab. 15 minutes later, he reached his destination. How’s that for efficiency in transportation? [via starpulse]

starEver wonder why Ari Gold’s wife on HBO’s hit series Entourage does not have a first name? Me neither, but according to Perrey Reeves who plays “Mrs. Gold” on the show, it’s an HBO tradition to have characters with nicknames only. Think “Mr. Big” from Sex and the City and you’ll see the connection. Anyways, the reason she’s making this list is because of her current plans down in Costa Rica to build a Yoga retreat on an “eco-estate”. According to Perrey, this means “no TVs, no telephones.” Did I mention it’s a slow news day? [via tvguide]

starFinally, DiCaprio’s eerily life-like wax figure will be revealed tomorrow at Madame Tussauds in London. We have no idea if it will carry the same green characteristics as Prince Charles recently revised wax doppleganger, but we’re pretty sure the ladies won’t care one way or another. For more leaked pics, click here. [via chinadaily]

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  • becky

    That wax head is a bit creepy. :P

  • GreenTransporters

    Maybe Leo & Quentin could give the New York City Pedicab Industry a much needed helping hand in its struggle from being crushed by corrupt politicians who have legislated to destroy pedicabs to satisfy the gas-guzzling, high pollution taxicab industry and their greedy middlemen lobbyists who have no interest in saving our environment.

    The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs will release their final Rules for Pedicab Licensing on August 17, 2007. These rules claim to been “fair and even”, but that is not possible because the law has set a cap of 325 pedicabs city-wide, which Mayor Bloomberg vetoed in an historic decision.

    There are currently nearly twice as many pedicabs than the cap would permit. How can we overcome this Goliath suppression by the enemies of the environment.


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  • Deena

    jeesh. it figures that selfish aholes would try and stop something as great as pedicabs for their own benefit, even though it would help everyone and everything so much. we’re doomed.