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sheryl crowWe mentioned earlier last week the baby shower thrown for Sheryl Crow by Healthy Child, Healthy World — and the introduction of Wee Generation (a collaboration between Healthy Child, Healthy World, Seventh Generation, and Baby Style) with a new product contest to design an eco-friendly diaper bag. Now, for those that seek nothing but the latest in baby shower news, we have more information.

Crow appears in a new video on the Wee Generation site (‘Wee’ is just fun to say.) talking about why it’s important to her to raise a child in a healthy, non-toxic environment. She praises the Healthy Child, Healthy World initiative and is pretty candid in her excitement of becoming a new mom and doing everything she can to apply a green lifestyle to the experience. No ‘one square of toilet paper’ jokes seem to have made the cut.

The Wee Generation site itself is well done and already has a good deal of comments from Moms (and Dads?) looking for a quality green bag. You can help design it — and then either win the final creation or the grand prize of a green nursery makeover in your home. Expecting parents everywhere — jump to the site. Don’t forget to check out Sheryl’s video while you’re at it!

Thanks to Lee for the tip!

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