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We’ve published several reviews on DiCaprio‘s The 11th Hour, which comes out tomorrow. I would say Ecorazzi reviews sum up to say that the film is scary, beautiful, and important.

Variety just published their video review, and they have less than positive things to say about the film. In the review Justin Chang tells us that, “global warming fatigue is setting in” and that audiences just aren’t ready to see another film like An Inconvenient Truth, even if it is Leo’s film. He continues, “If you are going because you are so enraptured with Leonardo DiCaprio that you have to have him spouting these facts at you, then I would rent Titanic again or something.”

Watch the entire review and tell us what you think:

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  • RemyC

    Yes, I concur… give me an edit of just the solutions… I just can’t bare to sit through another hour of all the problems anymore… I’ve been crying about them since I was 14… I’m 54… Give me GreenCorps… give me amazing young people grabbing the bull by the horns… give me military men demanding suppressed energy conversion technologies be shared with civilians… give me solution/action… We know we screwed up the planet’s eco-system… Tell me how to bring the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers to justice for environmnental crimes against humanity… such documentaries now exist, millions have viewed them on Google Video and YouTube… the word is out… there’s a revolution in the works… Leo… you read The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight… who benefits from oil, coal and nuclear? Who are your handlers? Make the corrolation… take heed of your situation. Break free of their cocoon man… there’s an escape route… it’s a word for patch work.