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Action-star Jean-Claude Van Damme and former model “Twiggy” are joining others in an effort to reveal the cruelty of bullfighing through television PSAs on French TV. Bullfighting in France has seen a resurgence as of late, due in great part to Sébastien Castella, 24, the first French matador to be ranked No 1 in Spain. Activist groups are seeking for President Sarkozy to overrule the ban of the commercials and “Join the struggle for civilization.” From the article,

“The contested advert shows monochrome glimpses of matadors killing bulls to the soundtrack of dying animals. A voiceover by Renaud, a veteran French rock-folk star, says that humanity should no longer tolerate “torture and death as entertainment”. He adds: “Join the struggle for civilisation.” The advert was rejected last week for the third time by the Bureau of Advertising Standards (BVP). It said that the latest, softened, version of the clip, produced by the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) and two anticorrida groups, remained too disturbing. The objectors said that they were ‘deeply shocked by this censorship’. They added: ‘How is it possible, in the country of the Rights of Man, to gag groups which represent the view of the 80 per cent of France which is opposed to bullfighting?’ The SPA said it was absurd that sports television broadcast the full gore from the bullring yet the advert was banned.”

I completely agree here. There seems to be an interest to keep the sport alive; especially when it contributes more than $134 million a year in revenue. Sadly, even though 80% of French citizens object to bullfighting, the needless bloodshed and suffering continues. Hit the jump for more.

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  • Andrea

    It’s kind of like dogfighting. Being cruel to animals just for entertainment and money.

    I can see an ad like this being censored in the U.S., but I thought they more against censorship and for freedom of expression in France. I guess not when it comes to profits made from cruelty to animals.

  • claudia marrapodi

    i love jean-claude van damme for his courage – this is a man!

  • Matador

    People and Van Damme get a life! IF you are into preserving nature you should seriously study up on bullfighting! The fighting bull ranches in Spain and France are some of the last untouched functional ecological systems in Europe where thousands of species otherwise damned to extinction survive!The art of bullfighting is also part of these countries cultural tradition and has inspired artists like Picasso, Orson Welles, Hemingway and thousand others! It has nothing to do with dogfighting. Talking about freedom of expression and wanting to ban bullfighting in the same sentence is quite a paradox!