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pierre_main.jpgSports play a massive role in influencing large segments of the world’s population. One of the largest entrepreneurs in the world of skateboarding — and owner of the wildly successful company Sole TechPierre André Senizergues is also one of the green world’s biggest fans. Not only was he one of the primary backers of Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest film, The 11th Hour, but his business and personal lifestyle are also reflective of his eco-friendly beliefs. From the article,

“Like DiCaprio, Senizergues lives in an eco-house. His south Orange County headquarters, the $200-million home of Sole Technologies, whose brands include Etnies and Emerica, also boasts 616 solar panels, the conversion to water-based cement manufacturing, the first-ever environmental affairs manager in the action sports industry, corporate-wide recycling efforts and the launch of a sustainable footwear and apparel collection.”

As one off The 11th Hour’s main backers, Senizergues found it pretty easy to pick up and run with the idea. “‘When Leila and Nadia came to me about this film, I was excited because I have been trying to figure out how I can also educate and motivate my employees, my industry toward action,’ said Senizergues, his French accent still thick despite his two decades here. (For the premiere last week, he wore a sharp custom suit made of recycled audio tapes that resembled the shimmer of a fine sharkskin woven.)”

Senizergues plans on showing the film not only to his employees in Southern California — but also to those he has in China (a place he’s also heavily involved in greening). He even spoke recently to the United Nations about the issue. Seems like DiCaprio has aligned himself with the right people for this film. I wonder how different the experience — and message — would have been had he gone with traditional studio funding. It’s great to see such efforts make it into our theaters. Hit the jump for more.

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